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What Changed In 2020: Advance Your Instagram Engagement In 10 Simple Ways


At the current time, Social Media is with no doubt, one of the excellent ways to expand your brand awareness.

Be it Social media management for your small businesses or you are a instagram celebrity, the purpose would be to keep your followers engaged. 

As there are a lot more social media platforms than before such as TikTok, Snapchat, and so on, it’s time you need to put your foot down and change your strategy to keep your followers engaged.

Below are a few simple ways to effectively enhance your Instagram followers engagement.

1) Stay connected with Compelling Content

Instagram is a pure entertainment platform, and users demand for creative and engaging content. In 2020, users started to look for quality than quantity. Though, there are millions of posts served every day, users interact only with content that is fresh and sight grabbing, which is a clear indication for you business owners and influencers to post appealing content to stay in the game.

Most importantly, as the followers grow, it is expected for you to get many promotional offers, and in return, push you to publish more sponsored posts. This could end disastrous and walk you towards losing engagement. So always strategize your week’s post calendar to have more original content than promotional content.

2) Be responsive to comments ASAP

Followers expect their comments to be acknowledged, and staying connected with your followers regularly is as powerful as posting winning content.

Whenever there is a comment, always leave a response at the earliest possible, and trust me, a swift response always could strengthen your brand loyalty.

  1. Keep up with your competitors

Also, to analyze a profile and it’s engagement rate on posts, you can use tools that are specific to Instagram rate calculator and get a better idea of how well the profile is performing as per engagement on the posts.

Tracking your competitors and holding a cordial relationship by writing positive comments on their post would draw more followers to your account. 

Get a good glimpse at the kind of engagement and interaction they’re getting on their posts—that’s almost as valuable as knowing what content they’re putting out.

  1. Choose a compelling Caption to your post

Captivating captions always grabs more attention and further enables your followers to read the post fully.

Always think of hilarious or Captions in Question forms as it seems to work well than others.

  1. Try Instagram Give-Aways

Give Away contests every once in 3 or 4 months can make your followers stay connected with your brand. It might be expensive, but really effective and has the potential to boost your brand loyalty.

Giveaways are one practical way to gain new followers to your page as your existing followers tend to share giveaway posts considerably often.

  1. Use Videos for posts than Static Images.

It is always more effective to have motion posts to gain followers attention than static images.

Short Videos posts and Gif Posts can be effective in that case. They are short and deliver the message quickly before your followers lose their attention.

  1. Plan your post schedule.

Plan your schedule based on which hour of the day your posts get the most attention from your users, this could aid you to boost your posts stronger. Likewise, it is equally important to maintain a consistent schedule so your followers will know updated.

  1. Jazz up your Instagram Feed with Filters

Your Instagram feed is the first thing a visitor sees when they land on a new profile, so you must make a good first impression.

The visitors are more likely to hit that “follow” button when they know exactly what they can expect to see on your feed soon after landing on your profile.

Therefore maintaining up a unique style and tone to your feeds is the key to turning visitors into followers.

  1. Keep a watch on your DMs

Always throw a quick response to all your DMs to prevent losing any valuable business. Avoid using pre-created templates that may make other people think he got a reply from a bot.

Message requests aren’t marked as seen unless you accept it so keep an eye on them.

  1. Lead your Instagram Followers to your Website Smartly

Adding a link to your website on an attractive Instagram story with an easy swipe option is the smartest way to draw the visitor’s traffic to your site.

In conclusion, as said earlier, Instagram is an entertainment platform and more for improving brand awareness and not as easy as other Social media platforms to gain conversions, but it depends purely on the product or service of the business.

With the help of a Social media management agency, A well-executed marketing strategy and consistency could make your efforts fruitful.

Hope you found these ways helpful and I will be more than happy to read your response in the comments section below.


Author Bio
John Ruskin is a Marketing Consultant, been in the Digital Marketing Industry for the last 5+ years.

He has a great knowledge of Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing,  etc also he likes to write about the tips, procedures and everything related to the growth of Business.

Website & Social Media Profile: 
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