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Instagram For Android Gets Offline Capabilities And Updates In Background When You’re Online


Instagram announced at Facebook’s developer conference in San Jose California that its Android app will be getting offline features. This means that users will be able to continue using the app even when connection is lost. Like offline features, you won’t get new feed but you’ll be able to see what was in your feed before the connection loss and this means you can still go ahead and show someone that picture in your feed even without an internet connection.

It gets interesting because you can do just about anything in the app like unfollowing users, save content, comment and like among others. Once connection is restored, all your offline actions will be updated in the background, Cached versions of your Explore tab and profile will also be available to Android users offline.

We don’t know at this point if Stories will be available to users offline but if it is, then we won’t be surprised seeing as the original idea on Snapchat which they successfully cloned already supports this.

But why only on Android?

Well they could extend this to iOS users in future but as you can imagine, there are more Android devices in the world today than iOS and most of these devices are in emerging economies where internet connection might still be a challenge for many.

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