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Instagram is now bigger than Twitter and this is great news for Facebook


Instagram now has over 300 million users, this was announced by the company on Wednesday and this makes them bigger than Twitter in terms of number of users. Twitter is reported to have just over 280 million users.

We still remember just four years ago when Instagram launched as an iPhone app, it hit about a million users immediately and grew to 10 million users in a year. It then went on to launch an Android app in 2012. Facebook then bought the photo and video sharing platform for a billion dollars.
Announcing the 300-million milestone on the Instagram blog, CEO Kevin Systrom wrote, “Over the past four years, what began as two friends with a dream has grown into a global community that shares more than 70 million photos and videos each day.”

In the past five or so years in apps and social networking, we have seen more and more niche social networking platforms like Snapchat experience an exponential growth in user base. Snapchat for example has just launched a mobile payment service within its app.
Since being acquired by Facebook, attractive features like videos have been added to the platform with easy interfacing with the Facebook platform.

To make sure they keep spam accounts to the barest minimum, Instagram has begun the process of deleting spam accounts and this could affect your number of followers but the CEO has something to say about that; “Most of you won’t see any impact,” If you’re one of those who will see a correction, you will receive a notification in the app directing you to additional information.”

With this announcement, Facebook’s share of the mobile market just took an astronomical turn with Whatsapp having 600 million users, Facebook messenger 500 million and Facebook itself having over 1.3 billion users. On the mobile side, Facebook now has over 1.4 billion registered users. These figures are expected to grow in the coming years as more people now prefer to network via mobile devices

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