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Instagram Launches Remix, A Feature That Lets Edit Friends’ Photos With Custom Text And Doodles


Instagram announces Remix

When you think you have gotten enough fun from the Facebook owned platform Instagram, you get another fun shocker. Yesterday Instagram announced a new fun feature  called “remix” (well just like remix in music where you change the tone and style of the song, Instagram brings remix to photos). The feature allows a user to edit a friend’s photo sent to them via direct message with custom text, adding doodles, stickers and lots on the image then send it back to the sender.

How it works

On your Instagram direct message, while chatting with friends, you can request a photo message from your friend, tap the camera icon located at the bottom and capture a reply. Your reply can include a sticker which you can resize to fit in the image, add a text of your choice , draw anything on the sent image then finally you can resent the image back to your friend that initially sent it to you , these process can be repeated back and forth for a fun virtual of your conversation.

In addition to the above process, you can also control how many times your sent edited images get viewed, which means while sending the reply edited image to your friend you can choose “One View” for messages you want  your friends to view once or choose “ Allow replay” to allow your friend view the images as many times as possible and video sent can also be edited and sent and you can choose “Allow replay” to enable your friend tap and hold to pause the video sent.

These updates are available for Instagram version 24 for all iOS and Android users worldwide.

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