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Instagram’s New Feature Allows You And A Friend To Go Live Together


Remember when the Facebook-owned photo sharing app–Instagram introduced a go-live feature to the app, allowing users to make live videos to be seen by followers who connect with them in an authentic way, well they decided to enhance the authenticity of this feature even further. Following several weeks of testing, the platform had rolled out an interesting upgrade which allows users to go live simultaneously with a friend.

It may seem similar to video calls but it isn’t. In order to use the new feature, users need to tap the new icon on the bottom right and tap “Add” to invite anyone who’s currently watching when the user decides to go live.

Once they join, “you’ll see the screen split into two and your friend pop up right below you”,  Instagram said. Users can also remove their guest and add someone else at any time. They can also choose to exit on their own. So one can broadly compare this feature with ‘sitting at home and choosing who to invite over, asking a guest to leave, or even walking out as he/she pleases’.

Instagram said in a blog post that “Starting today, we are introducing a fun way to go live with a friend. Now, you can hang out and go live together, whether you’re just doing homework or catching up on your day,”

Another amazing feature added to the App is the ability to discover whenever someone you follow is going live with a friend, you will see two circles stacked together in your stories bar.  You can tap on it to watch and like and comment as you follow along, the blog added, it’s like a social video call.

After Instagram introduced live video last November, millions of people have used it to connect with friends and followers in an authentic way. Users can get these updates which are available as part of Instagram version 2.0 on App Store and for Android in Google play store.

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