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Instagram May Be Testing A Mute Button And A Bunch Of Other New Features


Snapchat might really, really get hard hit  soon. 

The battle for who is the best, has likely just begun. Last week as Snapchat distracts itself with new Spectacles 2 camera glasses, Instagram is arming itself with new firepower to take on its adversary app.

A twitter user @wongmjane posted about various tests Instagram has conducted or is currently testing. Jane Wong is apparently a computer science student who appears to be looking through the app’s code.

The Facebook owned app is reportedly testing these features with some users, but has yet to officially announce them. But if Instagram does release them, Snapchat might be in deep trouble. The new features would give Instagram users more control over their account and content and further drive them to dump Snap.

Here is a breakdown of the feature conducted or yet to be released:

Reaction to stories

The feature was first spotted by a twitter user @wongmjane while conducting a coding on the social media platform ,in a tweet which reads “Instagram is testing Story “Reactions”. It works kinda like the existing Facebook Stories Reaction.” the feature will allows users to react in real time, based off on those laughing smiley and also they could also use emoji in responses, sort of like stickers in iMessage.

Slow-mo recording mode.

The slow -mo recording feature was retweeted by another twitter user @MattNavarra who tweeted about the feature “NEW Instagram is testing a ‘Slow-Mo’ feature for Stories.” This feature might allow users to record slow motion videos and post them on their Instagram Stories, in the future.

Mute button for profiles

The Mute button feature spotted by @wongmjane , then retweeted by @MattNavarra might be in the works too. This feature is not for muting audio or video, instead it will allow users to mute posts from certain profiles in their feed, without having to unfollow them. Using this feature will not display posts from the selected profiles until, of course, you choose to unmute.

Calendar view for Instagram Stories archive

Currently, you can see your archived Instagram Stories in a grid. But wouldn’t it be nicer if it was a little easier to browse through? All you have to do is click on calendar view.

Calendar view looks like a much cleaner way to see how often you post to Stories.

Tagging Facebook friends in posts

Instagram might be turning into Facebook because there’s clearly no avoiding the imploding social network. Wong spotted a feature that lets you tag your Facebook friends in your Instagram posts. So you know, in case they’re not on Instagram already.

However, this features allows us to have a peep into the future as to what the Facebook owned company might be having up their shelves, for now there is no precise date as to when the features might be rolling out globally.

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