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Instagram Launches New ‘Nametag’ Feature For Adding Friends IRL


Following someone new on Instagram doesn’t require more than a tap. You come across someone’s profile and if you want to follow them, you just tap on that blue button. It’s a bit difficult following someone you meet in real life. You first have to search for them and if you don’t catch their username properly, it can be quite difficult. This is what Instagram is making easier with the launch of its Name Tags feature.

Nametag is a customisation identification card which will let people to find your Instagram profile instantly when it’s scanned. Users’ name tags will be uniquely theirs. It makes it very easy to add people and accounts that they come across in real life.

To make a nametag, open your profile and tap on the button with three lines at the top right corner. Tap on “Nametag” to create one. You can personalise it with different designs, emojis, selfies, colors, and stickers. To scan a user’s name tag, just swipe right into the camera, hover over the nametag, and then hold down on the screen.

In addition to Nametags, Instagram is also launching a new School Communities test feature. School Communities is designed to let you connect with other students or recent grades from your university.

Connecting to other users is done in a “common space” at several test universities across the United States. Those who are at a test site and choose to join can add a line to their profile listing university, class year, and relevant groups. Everyone who is participating in the Communities feature can see a directory listing of all of the people who have added the same university.

This is one of those features that Instagram should have had for ages already, but it’s good to see it rolling out now. With so many people using Instagram now, finding a specific account can be a bit of a pain, even when you’re searching for a specific name. This could help streamline the effort when you want to add someone you’ve met.

You can also send your Nametag via a text message, WhatsApp or Facebook. The new Name Tag feature is rolling out to Android and iOS users starting today. School Communities are in “some US universities” and will be expanded to additional universities in the coming weeks.

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