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Instagram Could Soon Launch A Native “Regram” Feature And Share To WhatsApp Among Others


Instagram is testing a couple of features you would think they should have probably launched before now or maybe they just have their reasons. The first and probably most important is the native “Regram” feature. This was first reported by tech news site, The Next Web. If this is launched, it would mean that we no longer need third party apps to repost content you see on Instagram that you think would serve your audience well. 


Still talking about reposting, Instagram could soon allow you share directly to another Facebook owned service, WhatsApp.

While Instagram launched Stories back in August 2016 and just a year later, the Snapchat inspired feature is now used by 250 million of its 500 million users. At the risk of making it remain close what is obtainable on Snapchat, they could be bringing some significant changes to the feature in their next update. Users could soon be able to search and post animated GIFs in Stories while allowing users archive stories which in other words means users may soon be able to save Stories. The major difference between archiving and saving would be that while saving posts the content to your profile, archiving will be private.

There is also the “Close Friends” (formerly called “Favourites”) which allows you share stuff to a smaller group of people instead of the default public post for all Instagram posts. This is just a privacy feature that you can find on most social media sites like Instagram’s parent company Facebook and Google Plus among others.

While these features are not guaranteed to land in the app, the fact that they have been spotted just means the company is thinking in that direction but if you ask me, I don’t see any reason they the privacy oriented “Close Friends” won’t make it in the next update. The repost feature is quite important as well in my opinion.

Well I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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