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Instagram Launches ‘You’re All Caught Up’ Feature Letting You Know When You’ve Seen All New Posts


If you often feel like you’re missing out on Instagram content, you’re going to be thrilled with this announcement. So much so that the company is now rolling out a feature to let you know when “you’re all caught up” on new posts from the last two days.

The social media platform announced the news earlier this week, revealing that users will see a “You’re All Caught Up” note once everything from the last two days has been viewed. “With this message, you’ll have a better understanding of your Feed and know you haven’t missed recent photos or videos,” the company said in a statement.

Instagram is rolling out the feature that seems poised to be actually good and make you yearn even harder for the days of the chronological timeline. The platform now notifies you when you’ve scrolled back far enough to have seen everything posted by the people you follow in the past two days. Once you’ve seen all the posts, you’ll see a green check mark in your feed alerting you that you’re “all caught up.” It’s similar to once upon a time when you could just scroll back on a Tuesday knowing that you’d already seen everything from Monday, so when you got back to Monday’s posts you knew to stop.

In related news, TechCrunch says Instagram and Facebook are testing new Do Not Disturb features that will let people turn off notifications from the social networks for 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, eight hours, one day, or until they’re turned back on manually.

Since Instagram scrapped its chronological feed in 2016, it has become more difficult to know if you’ve seen all the new posts that have landed in your feed. A feature like this, if Instagram rolls it out to the entire community, would certainly help to provide clarity.

The feature will roll out over the next few days to all iOS and Android users globally.

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