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Interested in Cloud computing? Here are 11 tutorials you may like


Cloud computing is the way of the future and you need to keep yourself up with the trend in it.

Below, you’ll find a list of useful tutorials as compiled by the  Efytimes Network

1. Using Google Weather API In A C# Application
This one teaches you the basics of getting the weather with Google weather API.

2. Using Tropo & Python To Have The Phone Tell Us The Weather
According to the user, this tutorial teaches you to set up an automatic phone system and, using Python, design it to answer the phone and tell you the weather in your area based on the zip code you give the program.

3. FaceBook FBML Ajax / PHP Interaction
Did you think HTML is the only markup language that you need to know about? Well, think again. This tutorial deals with three languages, FBML (Facebook Markup Language), PHP and Ajax.

4. Faces In The Cloud: High-Throughput Data Processing W / Message Queues
Want to set up a grid computing cluster that can leverage a high-performing message queue for arbitration? Here is a user teaching you just how to do so.

5. Scraping Tweets Using Python And Flask
Most scripting languages are good at scraping information of a web page, but Python is exceptionally good at it. So, this tutorial takes the Python programming language and the Flask micro-framework and teaches you how to scrape tweets.

6. Icon Using Python And Google Translate
This tutorial covers three things. First, it teaches you how to use Python to write a simple script for translating text to be used in other applications. Second, you will learn to scrape HTML using BeautifulSoup and lastly, using the Google AJAX service for translation purposes.

7. Google Data Java Client API
The Google Data Protocol is an application package interface designed by Google, which in turn allows developers to interact with various Google functions, like docs etc.

8. [PHP] Building Automated Twitter Bot With Twitters API Functionality
This tutorial teaches you how to make a bot for Twitter using the PHP programming language.

9. Facebook PHP API And XFBML On Iframe
You need to understand PHP, HTML and JavaScript for this one. It teaches you how to make a Facebook application using PHP and XFBML.

10. Using The Python Twitter API
This tutorial teaches you how to write a basic Twitter client using the Python Twitter API.

11. [C#] Twitter API: Get User Timeline
This user generated tutorial gets you started with building a .Net library for the Twitter API.

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