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Apple’s iOS 11 Installed On 52 Percent Of Devices, Adoption Rate Slower Than iOS 10 But Better Than Android O


Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 11 is now installed on 52 percent of devices worldwide which is lower than the adoption rate of iOS 11 according to the an update post to Apple’s App Store support page for developers, so the question is are Apple users not installing it or don’t they like the new mobile operating system or did they forget to install it?

iOS 11 was released on September 12, and in two months it has only reached about 57 percent, while iOS 10 took less than a month and IOS 9 took less than a week to hit most devices but with a higher adoption rate than iOS 11. iOS 10 was adopted by 60 percent of device during almost the same time frame as this, according to Tim cook.

The adoption rate of iOS 11 is quite slow but yet impressive compared to Google’s latest version operating system Android Oreo adoption rate of which only 0.2 percent devices are running on it. The slow adoption rate of iOS 11 can be a result of a number of factors, firstly because iOS 11 is generally seen as an incremental update for iPad with few update features for iPhone.

Secondly the mobile OS has several bugs which could be a discouraging factor for some users to make the switch, since its launch, the company has also provided an update in iOS 11.1, which will help fix the bugs, reintroduced the 3D touch App switcher, with other amazing emojis, not to forget Apple also released iOS 11.2 in beta mode , and it also offers a new mobile feature called Pay cash , a feature which allows users to transfer money through iMessage to just about anyone.

iOS 10 was publicly released back in September 2016 but by February 2017, it had an adoption rate of 79 percent and at the time, it was  better than the 77 percent for iOS 9 at its peak indicting that more people found the OS more user friendly.

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