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iOS 11 Forces Uber To Allows Users To Opt Out Of The ‘always on’ Location Tracking


Uber is having a very crazy year with lots of stuff coming up as earlier this year the ride service app began tracking  the location of its users when they were not using the app. The company previously asked the user for permission to track their location or not to track their location, but recently the company became unstable and didn’t grant the users this option, backing the users in a corner as the app limited the users plus they had no other option than to allow the company to track their location 24/7.

Now, on iOS 11 which has many cool features one of which gives users the option of limiting any apps from tracking their location when the app is turned on, irrespective of what the app developers wants as long as the app runs on Apple’s latest iOS software.

After the launch of the iOS 11, Uber updated their app to the new operating system which gives users the option of either to share their location or to denial the location request from the App. Users can access this options from their device settings which shows ‘Always or ‘Never in the location settings.

Most apps come with the always on options which allows the App gives location of the user at all times but with iOS 11, even if the app developers set the apps by default to the ‘Always on’ option, the operating system still give users the options of when-in-use authorization. As explained by Apple on their development site “These features was designed to alleviate confusing permissioning options, and should address some of the privacy concerns people had about Uber overstepping their bounds”.

If you had concerns about your location being shared without your consent because the app has an always on option when in use and you haven’t download the new operating system iOS 11, I guess is time you do so as to put your concerns to rest.

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