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iOS 9 Has Something Like A Truecaller Feature


iOS 9 has a cool feature similar to Truecaller and Facebook’s Hello service. When an unknown number calls you, the new OS searches through your email to see if the number calling you might be linked to any of your contacts. ios 9 caller-idSo if it sees something close it displays “Maybe and the caller’s name” below the phone number.

This could come in handy for people who receive a high volume of calls everyday even when they unsuspectingly come from unwanted sources.

How does this compare to Truecaller and Facebook’s Hello?

Comparing this to Truecaller and Hello, this may still be limited in scale but effective un scope especially if it’s a personal phone number. Using the Hello app, the telephone will display the results (picture, friendship status, a brief profile info) on your mobile phone for you to have a better idea of who’s calling you. Facebook currently has over a billions users which represents about one-seventh of the entire global population and this huge database would be very useful in providing a service of this nature. Truecaller requires you to have your number registered but Hello takes this to a whole new level by giving you info on a number on the Facebook platform regardless of connection.

As usual, to enjoy this, please upgrade to iOS 9 to enjoy this.

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