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Gboard For iOS Gets The Translate Feature That Launched On Android In 2017


Google has released an update to its Gboard app for iOS with another capacity to make an interpretation of text into any language that is supported by Google Translate. This implies that users would now be able to send iMessages in various languages directly from their Gboard keyboard, without leaving the application.

To use this new feature, ensure that your Gboard application is updated to the latest version 1.42.0 and then go the messages app. Once in, open the keyboard, and afterward tap the globe icon in the bottom left corner in the Gboard app.

                                                                                 Source: Tech Republic

Inside the Gboard app, an icon to the right of the white G button in the top left corner of the screen is the translate feature.

Once yiou have updated the app and successfully navigated to the translate feature, then you can pick which language you need to make an interpretation of your text into, and when you tap the translate icon, it will consequently be connected to the iMessage field so you can send it to a contact.

Gboard also allows you send GIFs and stickers among others. It also connects directly to other Google services like Maps, YouTube and Contacts.

The translate feature that came to iOS this week first launched on Google’s Android back in 2017.

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