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iOS Keeps Dominating The Mobile Enterprise Space But For How Long? Read The Full Report Here


Apple continues to lead the mobile enterprise market according to a Venture Beats report. The report was a result of research carried out by Good Technology which provides secure mobility solutions to organisations. Apple no enjoys 64% of global device activations in the second quarter of this year and this represents a 6% drop. This gets more interesting because Google’s Android now has a 25% share of this market and this goes to prove that Apple’s huge share of the market may be dwindling with growth in the tablet and mobile market most of whom run in Android. Both iOS and Android controlled 96% of the total mobile OS (operating system) market in the last quarter of 2014.


In another report by the Wall Street Journal and published on TechBooky, Apple’s share of smartphone industry profits soared to 92% so while its share of the mobile enterprise market may be falling, it still leads Android which comes at a distant second. On the tablets front, Windows seems to be growing as well with its share of that space put at 11% and this represents a seven per cent jump. But with Microsoft’s recent restructuring of its phone unit, it’s not clear at this time how much hit it will take when another report comes about next year. The high points of the report are;

  • iOS continued to outpace Android in regulated industries such as public sector (79 percent), education (76 percent) and healthcare (70 percent).
  • Android moved ahead of iOS for the first time in high-tech sectors, (increasing to 53 percent) and saw significant gains in energy (48 percent) and manufacturing (42 percent).
  • Secure browsing led all app categories for a third quarter in a row, representing 21 percent of all apps deployed by organizations.

Read the full report below from Good Technology Below

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