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iPhone 12 Launches Today With The Event Themed “Hi Speed”, 5G Could Be The Main Feature


The date is set as Apple is expected to launch the well-anticipated iPhone 12 today. As expected of any phone maker, upgraded features are the major surprises of a new product. Once again, Apple is giving its customers something to be excited about. The iPhone 12 is designed with improved connectivity as its major features: the super-fast, most anticipated new 5G telecom network.

The special launch event of the new iPhone 12 is tagged “Hi Speed,”  could have diverse meanings, but in this context, the event sets to showcase the fast-wireless network and other new products.

However, this news might not be as usual considering the fact that this time around, the phone maker is not breaking a record, since there had already been the availability of the new generation 5G network across the entire region of the world that was introduced by Apple rivals such as Samsung and Huawei.

Analysts presume that the Hi-Speed event might encounter some challenges on sales of the iPhone 12 for not having that same new thrilling feature, other than the usual (the iPhone 12 model in different sizes). The event is likely to face hiccups because Apple is not the first to introduce the 5G enabled phone, or customers having issues in receiving their ordered products as the pandemic has disrupted our access to our livelihood especially the Apple Inc. supply chain. Still, Apple Inc tends to thrive using their influence as they remain dominant in the tech industry.

Dan Ives, An analyst representing the Wedbush in his note to investors directed to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said “We believe iPhone 12 represents the most significant products cycle for Cook & Co. since iPhone 6 in 2014 and will be another defining chapter in the apple growth story.

As important as it sounds, Apple needs to have a 5G device in the market to boldly compete against its rivals, as China proceeds as the pioneers of the new-generational 5G networks leaving the US behind. The Apple products are quite diverse from the communicator device down to a healthcare monitor that requires the amount of speed 5G connectivity provides for the best functioning of the Apple products, such as virtual reality (VR), innovations in self-driving cars automobiles, health monitor for instantaneous connectivity.

According to Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and strategy said “5G is happening in China with or without Apple. In fact, more 5G phones than non-5G phones are selling in China. US carriers are waiting for Apple to announce a 5G iPhone to put the pedal to the metal in the US.”

In retrospect, Asians seem to be taking advantage of the new generation 5G network, including South Korea and some major European regions. In contrast to using the 5G network, the US telecom firms are dependent on the 5G iPhone to support the need for the 5G networks, which requires massive investment.

Unlike the US telecom industry, Apple needs this more than any other to protect their reputation other than being two models behind on the 5G networks. Adding 5G connectivity will boost Apple’s performance as a company, its product’s from the Apple health wristwatch to the all-in-one subscription plan that involves the service of music and TV as the center of the user experience. Apple remains the most valuable tech company.

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