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iPhone 13 May Feature An Under-display Touch ID, According To Report


We’re slowly but gradually approaching that time of the year when Apple releases its new model and successor to its old series. Few weeks ago, experts were not sure if Apple would be calling the next iPhone series the iPhone 13. Among the reason experts believed that Apple might not be calling its next series the iPhone 13 was that the number 13 is an ominous number in some cultures across the world.

Although the iPhone 13 still has quite a long time before its launch or even an official announcement from Apple, it has started to create spark and there are various theories and rumours concerning the phone’s specification. The most recent rumour about the phone that is expected to launch in September or at most before the end of the year is the Touch ID feature. Rumours have it that Apple might be bringing the Touch ID feature back to its ‘full-screen’ iPhones with the iPhone 13. The rumour that the Touch ID feature is coming back to Apple’s ‘full-screen’ iPhone was spearheaded by MacRumors; according to them, Apple will include the Touch ID feature in the iPhone 13.

Apple phones below the iPhone 10 models have Touch ID that is accessible using the home button, but when Apple switched to the ‘full-screen’ design, the Touch ID feature was not included. Apple abandoned the feature in 2017; the iPhone SE 2 did not have a Touch ID like the iPhone SE. Users expected that Apple would have included it on the screen as an under-display Touch ID, or better still design the Apple logo on the back of its phones to function as a touch ID, or even make it accessible from the phones’ power buttons. Apple’s rival, Android has either one of the aforementioned designs for phones running on its OS.

If the rumors about the Touch ID being included in the iPhone 13 are true, it means that users will be able to unlock their phones using an under display Touch ID. Recently, Apple had to create a feature that allows users to unlock their phones using their Apple smartwatch while wearing a facemask because it was quite hard to do so while wearing a face mask and considered ‘primitive’ to have to take off one’s facemask to use the Face ID unlock feature.

According to Barclays analyst; Andrew Garddiner, Apple will be getting an under display Touch ID and will function as an add-on biometric authentication that’ll work alongside Face ID.

Although, the under-display Touch ID unlock feature is already some years old, it will be fun to see how Apple incorporates this into the iPhone 13, and it’ll even be greater fun to actually experience it. If Apple includes an under-display Touch ID in the iPhone 13, it will be giving its users a feature they really want.

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