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Apple’s iPhone Is Getting Ready For The Next Big Leap With Augmented Reality


Something big is coming as Apple gets ready to next step with Augmented reality a technology as a springboard into augmented reality that can project life like Images into real world which can be viewed through a screen and the introduction will be under way in September with the release of the iOS 11 and Apple is working to transform the technology from a geeky slideshow into a mass market use, it’s making plans to embed AR technology into its iPhones which will be launched later this year.

Augmented reality (AR), if you haven’t heard of it is the technology behind the highly   downloaded Pokémon Go game in which players all over the world wander their neighbourhood to find and capture Pokémon they can only see on their phones and mostly these games are for fun and to help kill the boredom. In education , and some other applications such as product assembly and warehouse management AR is making its way into these applications and now been used by people who understand more about the augmented reality and it’s at the stage where most new apps will bridge the line between reality and digital representation in a new and more imaginative ways.

Apple CEO Tim Cook in a conference call said “this is one of those huge things that we will look back at and be surprised on the start of it “. AR is an important and valuable platform that Apple has create since the App Store in 2008, no record yet in what app Apple plans extending this technology to other applications, since the Pokémon Go has been around for a year now and the buzz around it seems to be fading. But with this its new AR drive, there’s a potential for new games powered by augmented reality , home remodelling apps that will allow you visualise new decor and furniture in an existing room , education , health care and more.

However lots of AR demos are rolling in for different games which include the virtual tour of Vincent Van Gogh bedroom, Star War, digital replica of Houston on a table and lots so as you may now agree, AR is future in digital interpretation of these apps been projected in life like images that can be viewed through a phone. Apple is working with a group of software developers to create AR apps and these apps will not work on any Apple device but will on only work on Apple 6S or later models which will include the anticipated next generation iPhone 8 which we expect to see sometime this September. This all comes as reports now have it that Apple could be planning to run the AR apps on the 2017 iPad and iPad pro as well.

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