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Apple iPhone X To Be Available In Airtel’s Online Store From November 3rd –Today


The highly anticipated Apple iPhone X has had major charts topping pre-orders in 55 countries, it’s been available to been before its official launch. Apple said on Friday that iPhone X demand has been “off the charts” and we’ll likely learn more specific numbers during the company’s earnings call on Thursday.

Apple has said that it will have limited supply in its retail stores starting on November 3rd-today but it warned customers that they must “arrive early” if they want a shot at securing a device indicating that it is indeed a hot catch.

The iPhone X will officially go up for sale today, November 3rd and Apple has said that it will have stock in retail stores available for walk-in customers, so if you know an Apple retail store close by and you have the money, you could simply walk in and buy it bust you have to be hasty, Being a popular phone, Apple iPhone X will be hard to find in the market.

Not to worry, because nevertheless there are two kinds of markets – Airtel has announced that the iPhone X will be sold via the company’s online store starting 6:00 pm on November 3. The iPhone X will be made available exclusively to Airtel’s postpaid customers as an unlocked device on a first come first serve till stocks last. Also, Users will have to pay a full payment to get the iPhone X.

The iPhone X 64 GB model is priced at $2000, while the top-end 256 GB model at $3000. However, the telecom operator said that those buying the smartphone  using Citibank credit cards will get a cashback discount.

The cashback offer will be available between 6.00 pm, today and 7.00 am, November 4.  The telco says it will deliver the device free of charge to customers’ doorsteps.  The company’s newly launched online store is currently available in 21 cities across the country. If you’re a prepaid customer, you can easily migrate to Airtel postpaid plan to purchase the iPhone X from its online store.

The iPhone X (or iPhone 10 as it’s pronounced) is the first redesigned iPhone we’ve seen since the launch of the iPhone 6. And it comes with a lot of new features. A 5.8-inch OLED edge-to-edge display, OIS on both rear lenses, Face ID facial recognition, and of course an astronomical high-price.

There’s a 12MP dual camera, glass on both front and back, stereo speakers, IP67 water resistant, wireless charging, wireless charging, and the brand new iOS 11 mobile operating system.

The iPhone X will be available in more than 55 countries, including Australia as the official sale will begin from November 3, which is today, and pre-orders began last month October 27.

That said it looks like the Airtel Nigeria online store is not yet a big fan Apple fan as search in the Apple section of their site produces no result.

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