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iPhone X Face ID: How To Set It Up, How It Works And Everything Else


To every gadget you buy there is something that attracts you to it in the first place. To so many, when buying the iPhone X the first thing that came to mind is the new facial recognition technology in the device after the company dropped the previously used fingerprint scanner for unlocking the phone which most user are familiar with and with the new Face ID feature on the device, some users will need to wrap their head around how to set it up, use it and what other advantage using the facial recognition brings.

The Face ID uses facial recognition technology to secure your device


How to use and set it up

On the payment and item receipt , one of the first thing users  do after the unboxing of the iPhone X , inserting your SIM and turning on the phone is setting up the facial recognition ID (Face ID). The process is quite simple as the phone takes a 360 degrees scan of the users face before recording its key points. The scanning is done twice to an instruction for the user to move his or her head from left to right and finally taking a full swirl.

The entire process is way much better and faster than setting up a fingerprint scanner on an iOS device. Once the users raise the phone to the eye level, the phone picks some key point on the user’s face, retina or iris which will be used in identifying the owner of the phone and unlock the device.

One of the key facts to know about the Face ID is that only one phone can be locked and unlocked with a Face ID unlike the previous fingerprint scanner that can be unlocked by multiple fingerprints of a set users. Apple stores all user ID data within the phone itself and in case the Face ID is unavailable there is a pin to override the command and unlock the phone. The face ID can be used to make purchases in the App store or to auto fill a form on Safari.

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