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Still Don’t Know What To Expect From The iPhone X? Here’s A Quick Review For You


The highly anticipated Apple iPhone X (or iPhone 10 if you prefer to call it that) is what everyone seems to be talking about, at least now we shall be talking about facts and it’s just two days away before the device officially goes on sale globally.

The iPhone X was up for pre-orders from October 27  with the company claiming it was seeing record demand for its most premium iPhone till date, as users worldwide place pre-orders for the device without knowing for sure the full package to what they are spending money on, but that is about to change. Apple said on Friday that iPhone X demand has been “off the charts” and we’ll likely learn more specific numbers after the official sales begins.

The Review

The iPhone X review could either satisfy the purchasers maximally or implore more purchasers or it could bring an indifferent or negative reaction among purchasers depending on circumstances around the time or place they buy the device from.

  The iPhone X has dual 12 MP+ 12MP rear cameras with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on both the sensors


(read more on how to use the iPhone X’s key feature which is the Face ID here)

Apple iPhone X marks a drastic design change with no home button and a bigger 5.8-inch OLED full frontal display. The iPhone X will also go on sale starting at a price of $999 for the 64GB and $1005 for the 256GB storage variant.

There’s no doubt the new iPhone has universal approval in terms of performance, overall design, and the camera. The iPhone X has dual 12 MP+ 12MP rear cameras with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on both the sensors. The front camera is also updated and has a True Depth feature, with the option of portrait mode as well, which is not an option on the iPhone 8 Plus’s front camera.

The iPhone X will officially go up for sale this Friday, November 3rd and Apple has said that it will have stock in retail stores available for walk-in customers. Apple updated its website in Australia, Belgium, and the United Kingdom to indicate the launch of the system at 6AM on Saturday, while customers in Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and UAE will also be able to take advantage of the system starting at 8AM.

Last year, Apple activated the Reserve and Pickup system in the United States one day after the iPhone 7’s release, and while that will be the case this year in other countries, it appears the United States buyers will have to wait a bit longer. Apple has said that it will have limited supply in its retail stores starting on November 3rd, but it warned customers that they must “arrive early” if they want a shot at securing the device on day one.

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