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Guest Post: 9 Reasons The iPhone X Is Worth The $1000 Price Tag


Apple has always released gadgets that are way above the mark and designed to stand out. As a user of an Apple product, you can feel the superiority that is offered through the gadget. With the long history the company has held for building high-end products, quality has come as a priority that cannot be reciprocated, and this is the same message that has been relayed through the just unveiled iPhone X. The phone is going for a base price of $1000, but there are valid reasons why it is worth the price tag.


  1. Longer battery life

Knowing that iPhone has had one of the best battery life in the smartphone market, the iPhone X will come with even more capacity to hold power longer. The battery life of the phone has been extended by 2 hours while in use, so you have enough power to do all the things you want throughout your day.

  1. Wireless charging

For the first time, Apple is introducing wireless charging through the iPhone X. This will be a big relief to users who have always desired to have a gadget that is futuristic and modernly. The wireless charging system is based on the Qi technology.

  1. New security mechanism

The new face scanning security mechanism that comes with the iPhone X is a revolutionary step towards ensuring the data you store in your gadget cannot be accessed by anyone unauthorized. Apple got rid of the fingerprint scanning system and introduced the face scanning security feature that is referred to as Face ID.

  1. Better build

You will also be fascinated to note that the iPhone X comes with a better-built casing. It is made from stainless steel and glass on both the front and rear ends. However, this is no ordinary glass as Apple has confirmed that it is the strongest glass ever used in a phone, so it does not break easily.

  1. Bye home button

Like many other premium phones in the market, iPhone X will not have a home button. This is meant to maintain the sleek design and allow users to easily navigate across different screens.

  1. Edge-to-edge display

Another reason you will smile despite paying the $1,000 for the iPhone X is that the display has been improved to span edge-to-edge. The entire front area is screen that measures 5.8 inches diagonally.

  1. Lots of storage

There will be two variants of the phone, one that offers you 64 GB and the second which will give you a whole 256 GB worth of storage space. That’s a lot of space.

  1. More stabilized dual cameras

The rear dual cameras offer wide angle capturing and the feature has been re-designed to make it more stable than ever using the optical image stabilization technology. It also has an improved image processor, which translates to faster autofocus and better pixel processing.

  1. Portrait lighting

This is also the first iPhone to have Portrait mode embedded to the front-facing camera, and this means better selfies.


Author bio

This post was written by Alissa Davis. Follow her at Allisa B. Davis where she writes articles on technology

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