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iROKO Launches IrokoX; An Online Multimedia Network To Showcase African Talent


Mr Jason Njoku is at it again. It’s been barely five years since the launch of Iroko and since then we have also seen a change in the way Nollywood (Nigerian’s movie industry) content is delivered especially to Nigerians at home and abroad who have embraced the new digital age. Called Nigeria’s Netflix by many, iRoko TV has served over 5,000 Nollywood movies to the public through subscription plans.

But this article isn’t about the African Netflix as some call it, it’s rather about the new service from the brand called IrokoX. It’s a new online stage that allows just about anyone showcase their talent and it’s not limited to just Nigeria but the whole Africa. IrokoX General Manager Oluchi Enuha told TechCrunch that “it  will operate on an 80/20 split revenue share model for the majority of users—the artists get 80 percent…..We are going after something akin to a Maker Studios, whereby Africa’s professional and semi-professional creators can produce quality digital content, market it, share it with larger audiences, and get paid,”.

Seeing as they have a wide range of partners like YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify among others, content creators can now make 3-5 minute videos which can be made visible to a wider audience they won’t have been to otherwise reach due to funding in some cases.

Here’s how it works


You would have to create a “quality” short video which you can submit to them online after you must have created an account of course. If it meets their criteria, expect you music or video to be sent across their network. Once this is done, you will get access to reports on how your content is performing out there and expect to get paid at some point. The onus therefore lies with content creators to make high quality material that appeals to a global audience.

On the site it says Nigeria musicians Flavour,  Bracket, P-Sqaure and Tiwa Savage are all existing clients and if you know these names, then you know it says a lot about what IrokoX has to offer.

iROKO Partners is the parent company of IrokoX, iROKING and TV and was  founded by Jason Njoku and Bastian Gotter in London. They got a $35m to launch their services in 2010

The move by IrokoX comes at a time when the European government thinks content creators are not well compensated in a move that has angered the likes of YouTube and Dailymotion.

So are you a creator? The start creating and distributing using IrokoX.

When/if you start using it, please send a review of the service to admin@techbooky.com and we’ll be glad to publish them.

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