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The Use Of Java In The Banking Sector


Literally speaking, nothing can function without computer programs in today’s world. Everything has been digitized, the smallest unit being your own mobile phone where you store hundreds of packets of data. Imagine having to actually print out pictures and store them instead of having them in your gallery. Modern banking is smarter, faster, efficient and also digitized. Every little detail of your bank account information is stored on the servers of banks. That is why bank hacking is such an issue. And at the core of these programs is Java, one of the primary coding languages, which is extensively used to make software and applications for different uses. Online banking or your ATM transactions, all are functional thanks to Java coded programs. The need for Java and its use in the banking sector is paramount. No bank on the world can do without a Java web development company.

Let us look at some of the ways Java is indispensable to the banking sector.

1. It’s safe:

This is the first concern banking sectors have because they hold the accounts of millions. Any breach in security can lead to so many people losing their money. So they would obviously want a program that is safe and full proof. And Java is a safe software platform. Firstly, the Java made applications are very functional and perform critical functions. And although the applications have access to all your important files, it is a platform you can trust, as opposed to other programming languages. When the application being used is coming from a source that is trustworthy, it is secure. In case there is a breach by some other application, there is a way you can stop the application in a way so that the application no longer has access to your files, and the third party application cannot obtain anything from the hack. The byte code used in Java is also very difficult to modify or attack.


2. Cross platform:

International banking chains tend to use similar programs for all their branches, whether it is India or the United Kingdom. So obviously they need something that can function on every Java system there is. Online banking means all banks are connected, so when you’re transacting with another bank you would want the application to work on the server of the other bank as well. Therefore Java is ideal in the banking sector as a program developed on one Java platform can easily be used on another, which is different from the developed in Java platform. The application can run on any other Java version with ease. This makes online banking really easy and this is why banking sectors tend to use Java applications for their work. Other languages like C++ don’t have this cross platform feature. The most secure companies like twitter use programs written in a Java platform.


3. Memory management:

Banking sectors have to store infinite amount of data on their servers and it is not possible for every branch to invest in a super computer, and even servers have a limit. So banking sectors need something that will help them store all that data and manage the memory so that not much space is taken up. With Java memory management becomes easier. The programming code in Java helps store information in the form of bytes, which makes it difficult to break them apart and access the information. Hacking becomes difficult and the Java programmer can write more code and instruct the Java application that has been hacked to retract from the server and the application ceases to read sensitive information.


4. Support:

Now this is important because no matter what the bank employees are always panicking about their applications. There’s so much money at stake that if programs stop working there is complete chaos and there is always the risk that there has been a breach of security. Therefore, banking sectors want developers who can easily come down and immediately fix the problems. Therefore they rely on Java because they can easily call programmers who will come down and fix their problems. It’s really easy to get professionals with sound Java skills. It is one of the most popular programming languages and has proven its reliability.

Banking sectors pay a lot to a Java web development company to keep their systems proper and functional. Every branch hires programmers to help them maintain security and constantly update the functioning of the programs. Java being one of the most popular languages, there is research and development happening almost every day in the language and making it safer and more efficient. Many people use Java in their banks simply because of its reputation. Java is also certified, in a sense that it issues certificates to people who have completed a certain course and excel at it.


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