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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos In Now The World’s Richest Man


Amazon Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Bezos is now officially as of today the richest man in the world with a net worth of $90b and since Amazon shares have jumped $15 today, this means that the man whose net worth closed at $89b yesterday is now worth over $90b and this is not counting his other non-Amazon assets.

But as CNBC puts it, “Amazon stock could pull back, or Microsoft could rally. But even if Bezos doesn’t end the day as the richest man, he will likely take the crown from Gates more permanently in the coming days and weeks.”

This is truly remarkable because Mr. Bezos started out selling books out his garage 22 years ago and has now risen to become the world’s richest man and it looks like this was a long time coming because Bill Gates who some expect to come back to the top soon is not actively in business even though analysts think Bezos will take the crown permanently from Bill Gates in the coming weeks. Bill Gates has given much of his wealth to various charities while Bezos remains an active and competitive business man. In spite of attacks from people like American President Donald Trump, one hardly heard the richest man in the world making comments about this.

CNBC quoting Forbes also added that he (Jeff Bezos) “becomes the first man to bump Gates from his perch in seven years and is only the sixth man to hold the “richest person” title in the past 30 years.”
Bezos who holds around 80 million Amazon shares and is expected to be a different kind of world’s richest man from predecessor Bill Gates at least with respect to Philanthropy.

In any case the Jeff Bezos is an amazing one because just back in 1998, Mr. Bezos was first announced by Forbes as a billionaire and was worth about $1.6b and by 2007, he was worth $4.4b and in 2012 was worth $18.4b which made him the 26th richest person at the time. But just five years after, it pretty impressive to know that the same guy has now added $71.6b to his net worth.

Like other tech billionaires, he is considered a simple guy even though he own the most expensive home in Washington DC.

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