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Chinese Developers Announce Plan To Launch A “Bodyguard” App In September


Safety and security are sensitive issues that have trailing the entire world. China exercises a strict control of public order and this is why many agree that the country is comparatively a safe place to live in when it comes to violence and crime. However, the word “absolute” doesn’t exist as you may be sure to come across petty thieves or pickpockets. In this respect therefore, a Bodyguard App- Jinyiwei is set to launch in a city in northeast China.

The Jinyiwei app, set to lunch in September, will allow anyone to hire a personal bodyguard without reference to class or gender. As a mobile app, the system will operate like the popular Uber service.

Bodyguards are known to protect people that belong to a certain social circle such as high ranking officials, wealthy people and celebrities for fear of been mobbed. However, with the new bodyguard app, anyone who feels unsafe and those who are particularly concerned about transporting valuables can hire the service of bodyguards for a stipulated time, similar to taxi application services like Uber and Taxify.

According to Li Shangshang, one of the developers of the app, said that the bodyguards are trained security personnels   who have served in the military and have been required to submit their identity cards and military discharge certificates to qualify them to work as bodyguards.

In line with Chinese’s observance of moral conduct, the intended bodyguards “have been required to take manners and etiquette training classes and must wear a uniform at work”. Shangshang added that the bodyguards can cooperate with the police in the event of a brawl or a physical altercation.

The pricing of this security service is expected to fall between $10-$28 per hour and is open for individuals and firms.

However, this mobile security services has attracted mixed reactions on the country’s popular social media platform-weibo. While some have applauded the innovation by saying it is a good idea and useful for vulnerable groups, some have raised concerns that the service may be exploited by single women seeking companion.  Some other user expresses his disapproval by staying that the police force will have no use with the mobile bodyguard service in place.

In all, the world is heading towards digitalizing everything. Life can only get simpler!

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