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Jumia Signs Deal With Dangote Cement For Online Sales And Delivery


Technology is certainly ready to make life sweeter and easier. Who could have imagined that 300 bags of cement could be transported to their desired location for only N2500 per bag without hassles and transportation charges? Dangote cement has unveiled its partnership with online shopping giant, Jumia in order to make its product readily available to customers.

This new innovation will ease logistics and reduce the cost particular with purchasing and transporting bags of cement to the desired locations. Not only these, it will also put an end to fraudulent activities of the cement retailers who are in the habit of resizing the bags to make more profit and also a significant reduction in the number of middlemen which leads to exorbitant prices in certain locations.

However, the service is not open to every location at the moment. ‘For now, the pilot scheme is in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, but we can extend it to other cities depending on the level of demand and performance of the deal’, Chux Mogbolu, the Key Account Director of Dangote Cement said. 

The scheme will be operating with a minimum of order quantity of 300 and a maximum of 900 at any of the designated areas which have been mentioned, within a stipulated time of delivery. Buyers will save time, money and the stress of having to get their goods delivered. This is simply awesome, I must say.

Mr. Chux Mogbolu, expressed his excitement of collaborating with Jumia to ease the stress of consumers and to also bridge the insecurity gap created by fraudsters who claim to be vendors by ripping unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned cash. ‘Dangote Cement decided to work with Jumia Nigeria based on its credibility and excellent performance over the years in online shopping management’, he said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Jumia Nigeria, Juliet Anammah, said the partnership with Dangote Cement is to deepen its credibility as an online shopping mall in Nigeria, to enable more people to embrace online shopping activity which is still discredited by many. She noted, nevertheless that traffic has increased on the site since the inception of the annual Black Friday festival, which demonstrates ‘the increasing capacity and flexibility of the online retail space in Nigeria’.

 Jumia delivers goods across the country, making this initiative quite accommodating for the end consumers. While we may applaud this partnership, it’s also noteworthy that pretty soon, many middle-men will be out of jobs. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes public knowledge that the consumers have a lot to gain by patronising Jumia. 

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