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Jumia Now Has A Facebook Messenger Bot With The Aim Of Helping You Shop Online More Easily


With the rapid growth of instant messaging apps, the use of chatbots is becoming unavoidably necessary. If a bot can absorb all the information regarding sales, Jumia could actually conserve the funds meant for recruiting human personnel to work round the clock. Very recently, the e-commerce firm has partnered with Facebook Messenger to introduce Jumia bot.

What is a bot?

A bot is very similar to the concept of artificial intelligence. Bots are computer assistants that communicate via instant messaging apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger and the likes. In this context, bots use repetitive selections or preferences to communicate with you so as to achieve a task speedily. The bot will work by asking shoppers what they want and then, use their answers to unveil multiple options.

The Jumia bot will help shoppers to place orders through an online conversation, via an instant messaging platform like Facebook messenger. This will get questions and inquiries attended to within the speed of light, without waiting for the next available customer support.

The bot was developed by Facebook and Jumia tech team to make shopping a wonderful experience for Nigerians. The bot was developed with Natural Language processing to determine users’ preferences in any given situation, so as to make personalized recommendations that will be useful to the shopper.

The Chief Executive Officer, Jumia Nigeria, Juliet Anammah said that the new Jumia bot will be synchronized with Jumia, offering Facebook users the opportunity to shop directly from Facebook Messenger. For her, this is a great feat for the e-commerce site to help boost the wave of local technology. She said further:

Jumia bot has a very simple yet important objective: to help our customers to personalize deals on jumia.com.ng. we are pleased to unveil this new dimension of e-shopping for the Nigerian customer and excited about helping to pioneer the next wave of local content and tech tools within the ecosystem.’

For the best shopping experience, the bot takes into stock, a user’s selection, to reuse the search for a later experience. This way, the bot is able to track preferences, and the post order experience to give the customer a world-class shopping experience.

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