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Konga.com is now Nigeria’s most visited site


Konga.com; the Nigerian retail giant is now ranked the most visited site in Nigeria. With this, the site has now overtaken Nairaland forum and the popular Linda Ikeji blog. You’re recall that the Konga.com raised a fresh round of funds to expand its engineering departments among other expansions. Konga is now ranked number 9 on Alexa and this places Konga.com in the top ten category where you have the likes of Google,

Facebook and Twitter. On further analysis, Konga now leads its closest competitors with a comfortable margin in traffic and this is estimated to be around 50%.

In a vanguard newspaper publication, the PR head of Konga, Olatomiwa Akande said “We are meeting the daily needs of more and more Nigerians from our array of affordable products. “With over 150,000 items available to customers, Konga has now become a one stop shop for meeting the fashion, gadgetry and household needs of Nigeria. According to the same publication, Konga has now moved to a 20,000 square foot warehouse.

For the first time in Nigeria, Black Friday (the American shopping holiday after thanksgiving) celebrations were extended to Nigeria last November. Major ecommerce sites like Konga and Jumia experienced saw many Nigerians visit their sites to mark the shopping festival.
The evolution of ecommerce in Nigeria is phenomenal. Over the past 5 years, more Nigerians now prefer to order for items online. But this was largely embraced because many of these retailers offered “cash on delivery” services which many Nigerians prefer to use as opposed to paying by debit/credit card online. The culture is gradually shifting though to “positive” territory. I attribute this largely to the fact that more and secure payment gateways continue to expand into the Nigerian market and with the recent re-launch of PayPal services in Nigeria, Nigerians now carry out overseas transactions much more easily. In 2012, Nigeria recorded a 44.7 million debit/credit card usage.

There are other major ecommerce platforms in Nigeria like Jumia, Kaymu, Tafoo, Gloo etc.

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