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Laptops Or Desktops – What Is Better For Coding?


Laptop or a desktop computer? This is one of the most common questions that arises in the mind of a programmer or coder.

For normal usage or usual jobs like finance and accounting, web surfing, market research, gaming, etc. choosing between a laptop or desktop is effortless. But, for an individual writing codes for programs day in and day out, it is not an easy choice to make. This is because they require immense amount of power and speed to ensure optimal performance. Let’s not forget to add budget to the equation. If the budget is limited, the task gets complicated.

Now, there are several high performing laptops and desktop computers available for coders in the market. If configuration is the only consideration, it is easier to simply buy one and start coding. But, there are several other factors that need attention. It eventually comes down to what suits your needs and certain characteristics of laptops and desktops.

In this article, we’ll look at both these devices with regards to your needs to help you choose between the both.

Laptop – Benefits in Comparison with a Desktop


One of the key factors determining your decision between a laptop and desktop is portability. Now, it is no secret that laptops carry the advantage of portability. When deciding on this aspect, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you go places frequently or does your job require you to travel a lot?

If the answer is yes, then a laptop is an obvious choice for you. Now, the catch here is that even for someone who doesn’t travel a lot, a laptop could be a choice. For instance, if you’re doing a lot of moving around your house or workplace like going to the cafeteria or to the basement to work. Laptop is a good option in such scenarios. But, if portability is not your concern, a desktop can be considered. Make sure you get laptop insurance to keep you covered in the long run.


No Need for Extra Peripherals

One of the other benefits of opting for a laptop is that it reduces the need to buy additional peripherals like a monitor or a keyboard. Since the laptop provides a complete computing experience, thanks to its portability, the cost of cables and peripherals is reduced.


Improved Productivity with a Desktop Experience

Laptop provides you with the flexibility to hook monitors. With a desktop like environment created with your laptop, you can take your programming productivity to the next level. However, this compromises the portability aspect.

To sum it up, portability remains the biggest advantage of the laptop. But, if you don’t move around a lot, it might not be a great choice.

Desktop – Benefits in Comparison with a Laptop

Processor Performance

When comparing desktop and laptop in this regard, desktop wins the race, especially in the case of coders.

Desktops come with better configurations of the CPU, RAM, display options, processor and other aspects. Because of the small size of the laptop, there’s only so much that the manufacturer can provide, resulting in them being less powerful.

Desktops are cooling efficient, so high power consumption due to various programs running side by side is not an issue. You could connect them with multiple monitors and still get a powerful performance. The only downside to this is power outages, which can cause trouble as desktops run on electricity.


Budget-Friendly in the Long Run

Laptops are typically costlier than a desktop computer. Plus, if you require an upgrade, desktops turn out to be more cost-effective. While this holds true, you might need to invest in a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals that you need to create a workstation. This increases the overall cost. But, when you think about it in the long-term, there’s value for money considering the high performance it provides.

So, if portability is not a major concern for you, a desktop is a great option for coding.


Whether it is a laptop or desktop, start by understanding your programming needs and workstyle. Although this guide helps, considering your specific requirements will make the choice easier.

Whatever you pick, don’t forget to insure it for better savings in the long run. Find value-led protection plans that offer comprehensive coverage for less at Everything Breaks.

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