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Latest Version Of Google App On Android Saves Searches Offline And Notifies You Of Results When Online

Paul Balo

The last year has seen Google make it easier for users to access some applications offline and prominent among them is the YouTube Go app launched in India. In the offline spirit, the Google app on Android now allows you save searched made offline and will automatically run them once connection is re-established.

In a blog post, they said;

“Mobile networks can sometimes be inconsistent or spotty, which means that even if you have a connection when you start your search, it might fail before you get your results back. With this change, search results are saved as soon as they are retrieved, even if you lose connection afterwards or go into airplane mode.”

Google app offline

This means that you no longer have to worry when in transit or going underground to catch that train as you will be notified by the app that a search result is ready for viewing. Once you tap on the notification, you will be taken directly to the results page where you can now view the results.

This feature according to Google doesn’t eat up all your data and this means it won’t be heavy on battery power consumption.

To enjoy the feature though, you would need to be update your Google app to the latest version.

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