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The Underused Facebook “Lifestage” App Has Reportedly Been Shut Down


Lifestage, for those who don’t know it might sound or look strange but for those who use it mostly among teens who use it to find their schoolmate and interact with them, will miss this app as Facebook has reportedly killed it, and total dissolved the snapchat clone app from Play Store or App Store.

The one year old application has been shut down by Facebook according to report, as it is not known to a lot of people round the globe didn’t know about the snapchat look alike app and it is mostly used among high schoolers from aged 21 or younger are allowed to sign up on the app as age limit is set to reduce it’s the users limit and keep it strictly on teens.

The App was invented by a 20-year-old Facebook employee Michael Sayman to help teens find and connect with other classmates who went to their school.
which was one of the main reason it was created to help the teens share selfie and send videos to their classmate or schoolmate, as ways to connect with their friends but the app never gained the popularity it needed to reach teens all over the globe as few people like it or even know about it and the app had privacy issues as well.

Reports have it that Lifestage has not been updated for months and it will has be shut down as it never reached the top searched App during its lifespan as there was a rule attached to it as it will be used by teens who are 21 or under and all the life stage content was always viewable by everyone or made public but inside and outside the user’s school.

Facebook spokesman said in an interview that “We originally launched Lifestage to make it easier for teens in the world to connect with others at their school by creating a video profile with content for all of things that make up their identity,” also he explained that instead of using their seeing the videos via their direct messages, their friends can actually view their videos and know to what they are doing and also comment on it and the number of views can also be seen by the user to know which of their friends viewed their posted videos.

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