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LinkedIn Now Has Over 500 Million Registered Users, Up 33 Million In Six Months


LinkedIn has released some big numbers being the first one since the $26.2b acquisition deal with Microsoft closed in December. In a blog post yesterday, the biggest professional social media site in the world says it now has over 500 million registered users in 200 countries up 33 million from October 2016.

500M_graphc2 LinkedIn

LinkedIn launched a massively redesigned site in January which largely took a cue from its mobile app which is now believed to have over 250 million monthly active users (MUAs).

To mark the milestone though, LinkedIn is launching the “My Network” feature which is something like people you are connected to or people you should connect with on the site. It’s basically going to be stats on people you are connected to or suggestions.

LinkedIn has in recent months added features that would make it easier to find jobs without being discovered by your current employers. The site also wants you to disclose how much you earn in order to encourage more people to apply to your firm or look for jobs in your area among others.

In addition to the 500 million mark, LinkedIn also revealed the countries that use its services the most and it was quite interesting to see the UAE top the list of connected countries and in the top 5, we have three European countries (the Netherlands, UK and Demark respectively). As expected, staffing and recruitment topped the list of industries using LinkedIn.

One thing to note though is that we won’t be getting separate LinkedIn earning reports from now again because it’s now part of the Microsoft family.


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