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LinkedIn has plans to enhance employer-employee relationship in coming weeks


LinkedIn the professional “social” network is currently building tools to enhance the features of its widely appreciated network according to a Re/Code report. one of the features would be that employers can share employee contact with specific employees easily.
The first product, which LinkedIn will begin to pilot in the coming weeks, will enable users to send InMail (LinkedIn’s private email-like messages) to co-workers even if they are not connected. It will also encourage users to upload their contact information — email, phone numbers, etc. — to a company database that will be visible to co-workers on the service.

We have also learned that the company is now working on a separate app for employees with an organisation to join groups which will be controlled by company admin. Does this sound familiar? Well  Facebook “Groups” already does something like this with Facebook now having its own separate “Groups” app. The LinkedIn solution would not have the chat-like feature though according to the company,

Looking at this from a professional point of view though, this will go a long way in enhancing interactions among members of an organisation and would eventually lead to increased efficiency. When you have users within an origination with a common purpose interacting often, there is bound to be some form of efficiency and idea sharing. This would eventually remove the barriers of having to always share ideas in the office location only. More employees can interact with their organisations on the go.

The other product, which LinkedIn will start testing by the end of the quarter, will help companies share content directly with specific groups of employees.

LinkedIn hopes this direct and targeted sharing will lead to more re-sharing on the platform. For example, if a company wants to hire new mobile engineers, it could share a posting about the company’s engineering philosophy directly to its existing engineers in hopes they pass it along. The assumption is that those employees will have the most relevant network for that specific message.

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