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LinkedIn Now Has A Tinder-Like Service That Helps You Discover Mentors


LinkedIn is launching a tinder-like swipe feature which would allow users choose a mentor on the site. The feature which is currently available to a group of handpicked mentors in San Francisco and Australia lets you “hook up” with a mentor online for whatever reason you may need them for.


The Microsoft owned service will allow you mentor people who may be passing through the same system as you and an example would be a graduate of a school mentoring some students in the same institution.


By allowing users discover mentors in fields they are interested in, LinkedIn hopes to build on its career oriented service which allows you discover jobs and recruiters in your area easily.


LinkedIn has implemented a series of services since its acquisition by Microsoft acquired the largest professional network in the world last year for $26b. From a revamped website to helping you discover how much people doing similar things as you are earning, LinkedIn wants to be your go to place for nearly everything professional.


That said, it’s quite amazing the number of services that have decided to adopt the original Tinder swipe signature feature and now it’s LinkedIn that’s using the style. On Tinder, the feature helps you easily discover potential dates by allowing you swipe and with each picture that appears on your screen, you can choose to like or dislike. This information is sent to the users one has shown interest in and if they choose to get back to you, fine.


By adopting such a model on LinkedIn, you can now play the hook up game only this time it’s professional.

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