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LinkedIn Launches Online Learning Site, “LinkedIn Learning” In Addition To Lynda

Paul Balo

Professional social network isn’t relenting in its efforts at becoming a one stop site for all professional stuff. Just before Microsoft announced that it would be acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2b in June, they launched a standalone app called LinkedIn Students in a bid to connect students to jobs.

Some days ago though, the company launched LinkedIn Learning which is an e-learning portal for individuals and organisations that wish to train their staff online. This comes as LinkedIn acquired online learning website Lynda.com last year for $1.5b and seeing as Lynda has majority of the courses that LinkedIn Learning is providing, it is reported that most of the over 9,000 starting courses on LinkedIn Learning will be based on content from Lynda.

From business to technology, you’ll find all kinds of courses there. It looks though like premium LinkedIn users will have access to 25 new courses although this is not clearly spelt out as of now. More information in the Product Overview section of the site says you can either choose to read online or just simply watch videos if that’s more convenient.

With respect to accessibility, you can access your materials from any device anywhere and this a major characteristic of other online learning sites.

Major economies are placing emphasis on this now in light of automation of processes in organisations. Machines are now carrying out the duties humans otherwise used to do and since most businesses want to control wages in order to maximize profit, they are now opting for automated services. But as we noted in this report, not all jobs will eventually be lost. Software jobs for example is noted as one that’s set to endure the tough times ahead of the jobs markets. Software developer jobs according to Fast Company is set to grow 18.8% between now and 2024, while computer systems analyst jobs will increase 20.9% by 2024. Market research analyst and marketing specialist jobs, which also require those analytical skills, will increase 18.6%.

This comes as LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says the World Economic Forum expects 5 million jobs to be displaced by the introduction of new technologies, and that 78% of CFOs surveyed believe that up to 25% of their workforces could be displaced by 2020.

As manufacturing jobs continue to decline because of advances we have made as humans in that sector, it’s important for workers to get ready for the jobs of this century and they are all not in tech.

LinkedIn now has about 450 million users 

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