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Tips To Keep In Mind While Creating A Photo Slideshow On Mac


We love to click pictures and showcase them on social media, it has become a habit and trend these days. But now with evolving technology and introduction of various apps the era of uploading only photos is quite getting outdated. Now people are moving to videos, slideshows and reels, so why don’t we upgrade ourselves and understand some tips on how we can create it successfully.

Utilization of good-quality photos

Just remember one thing that when you take a first step to creating a slideshow then the quality of photos must be very high as all the eyes will be on what you have created. Try to make it more appealing with the help of good-quality photos and as people will be seeing your work so it’s always a better option to show your events or gathering with supreme photo quality.

Create a collage, if you have low-pixel images

There is always a possibility that due to some natural light issues, or old pictures or scanned images, you don’t have pixel-dense images but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a it. Just gather the images and create a collage and then use each collage as a single slideshow frame.


Soundtracks matter

In case the one you have created is a bit longer than to create engagement you can add a soundtrack. Just the images on screen can be tedious for the people who view them, thus including a soundtrack can be a good method to keep the interest alive throughout the watch time.

How to create it efficiently

With all the tips to consider before creating it, now comes how you can create it. Well when you are developing a slide show mac then you can use the photos application that is Apple’s own app but as the other applications, it also has limitations. And as we all have heard that “creativity doesn’t  come with limitation” thus it is better to go for another app like FotoMagico Pro.

It permits you to create tailored versions with the use of audio snippets and pre-built stories that are available in the application itself. It has a simple interface that includes a drag-and-drop option that allows you to develop and handle it without any hassle. Not only this but you even get music files that are  pre-installed and can be used as a soundtrack for your creation. This application gives you the option where you can adjust the volume and comes with some handy features.

Now let’s take a walk through the guide that will tell you how to create it with this app including the music:

  • Open the application and choose ‘New Slideshow’
  • Now you will see a menu bar go to ‘Slideshow’.
  • Choose ‘Insert,’ then click on ‘Images.’
  • Select the images you wish to add. You can select the images from desktop, downloads, or search your Photos app as an option.
  • Now select every photo you wish to add, and then FotoMagico Pro will include them in a synchronized way as they’re organized on your Mac.

That’s all, just click the button that has “PLAY” written on it when you are ready and see what you have created.

Final Words

That’s how you must create it and when you will go through the complete details mentioned-above, you will be able to know the tips as well as applications that can help you to create it on Mac efficiently.

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