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Review: This Year’s MacBook Pro Has A Really Cool Display And Sensitive Touch


What do u love in a laptop?? Is it the weight of it, the incredible epic display, the flexibility of it, the RAM and ROM storage capacity, the slim and portability or the joy to fall in love with it over and over again because of how adorable it looks and feels with every touch?? Then the new 2017 MacBook pro came well packed with this lovable features and more.

2017 MacBook Features.

The MacBook pro has a great touch-sensitive screens, and responds with an amazing speed. It also has a tiny, touch-sensitive colour screen display. This laptop uses both the “windows iOS” and the apple iOS so it gives you two in one display.  The display changes depending on the app you’re using. With this feature is easy with to multi task on the laptop from movie watching to surfing the internet for latest in sport , news and if u love music it has an iTunes  stores where u can listen to live streams radio and download latest in music. Guess the amazing part can you be too tired to type in your password here is the relief it has  fingerprint scanner so you can login without typing your password, and also has a Apple store where you can buy and pay for things you want from the comfort of your living room.

This is the fun part you can have it all in one laptop, it has 13.3-inch  screen model, which comes with the Touch Bar, 3.1 GHz dual core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM (configurable to 16GB of memory), 512GB SSD storage, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, and the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 graphics card. You have no excuse not to get this laptop because you can add and save new things and keep them in it for as long you like. And did I say it has an incredible look.

It’s amazingly fast like thunder lightning fast. Its retina display light shines so bright that it has to be adjusted and the internal sound from the speaker can blow your mind away with it loud but super cool sound which is very clear and audible. And every word is like you are it.  And it has a “butterfly” keyboard design which has been slightly contentious: to accommodate the amount of stuff inside without sacrificing size, the keys are shallow, but are also exceptionally springy. And you feel you want to improve your typing speed then this is a must grab.

What say you?? Do you have a older version of MacBook but you want to upgrade then you can’t miss this. It’s expensive but is worth every penny spent to get it. Because you will be satisfied and relieved that you bought the best and you are using the best.

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