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MainOne Cable Confirms That IT Infrastructure Can Actually Boost Business Efficiency


Technology is gradually changing how things work in business. If you leverage on ICT to boost your business productivity, think about how much manpower you have conserved and convert to funds; you will realize that you have many reasons to thank IT infrastructure. MainOne has recently established a relationship between business efficiency in terms of production capacity and customer service, and outsourcing of IT infrastructure.

MainOne Cable is a provider of telecom services and network solution and business in West Africa. The tech industry recently hosted a breakfast event for the health, manufacturing, e-commerce, media and hospitality sectors in the country, where it said, that businesses have experienced a boost in productivity after outsourcing their IT infrastructure to MainOe’s Tier III data centre, MDXi. The breakfast event was themed ‘Future-proofing your business with ICT’.

The Product Manager, Data Centre Services, MDXi, Vremudia Oghene-Ruemu, spoke on how businesses can experience a massive growth should they implement IT solutions. It was an opportunity to present the guests with sector-specific solutions offered by the firm. He said:

‘There is a massive uptake of technology by businesses looking to stay a step ahead of the competition while increasing profitability and market share. MainOne has invested in technology to enable Nigerian businesses to increase operating efficiency and achieve improved results faster. These solutions are available in our open access, Tier 111 certified data centre, MDXi.’

In attendance at the breakfast event, included representatives from UAC, Reddington Hospitals, Avon HMO, Honeywell Flour, RDM Africa, The George Hotel, TVC and Yudala, all clients of the tech firm, singing praises of how MainOne has helped them achieve their business goals through IT solutions.

True to the songs of praise, technology can improve productivity in a workplace. Imagining having bots to help you communicate with your clients- Jumia recently collaborated with Facebook Messenger to have one in place. This way, your customers are guaranteed customer satisfaction and you do not have to be saddled with the idea of a closing hour. Working round the clock with the use of robotics hasn’t been this good. Not only this, with apps like Skype for business and GoTo Meeting, you can schedule a conference meeting without a physical presence of every member- time is conserved in this sense. The benefits of leveraging on ICT is simply innumerable.

The Chief Executive Officer, Avon HMO, Adesimbo Ukiri testified that the health sector is not left behind in the transformation. If you are wondering how this is, here’s what she had to say:

Leveraging MainOne’s services has helped us remove the barrier to health care access in Nigeria as patients can now easily subscribe to various health plans online at the click of a button from their smartphones. Having our servers at MainOne’s data centre decreased our downtime risks, enabled us to operate 24/7 even when there was heavy flooding on the Island restricting movement. Being in the healthcare sector, 100% uptime is required for us to succeed and so far, we have not had any downtime with MainOne.’

The Chief Technology Officer, UAC Nigeria Plc, Mr. Anthony Omotoso, also sang in praise of the tech firm, saying that so far, they haven’t experienced a downtime across every region they operate and they have also funds which could have been used for manpower. It also noted that UAC has won numerous awards for ‘driving business efficiency and innovation’ and it’s all thanks to the tech firm, MainOne Cable.

If you own a business, you should consider leveraging on ICT solutions to help you move your business to the next level. The benefits are simply innumerable.

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