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Highly Affordable And Effective Marketing Strategies For Mobile Apps


You should work hard to satisfy your needs on the market and benefit from the newly developed mobile app. Or you can need nice, actionable user information from and to improve the productivity of the market research to play a crucial part in your overall marketing strategy. Anyway, one thing is certain about what you built your app: it must be used to succeed.

This means implementing a successful app marketing plan. As the only way to promote your app you cannot rely on word of mouth alone. You have to understand and use the mobile platform and use relevant marketing strategies to get people to like, use and discuss your product. How do you use better tactics, then?

Let us explain the low-investment marketing strategies here, which are already highly popular for many niche-wide apps.

Let us explain the low-investment marketing strategies here, which are already highly popular for many niche-wide apps. #app #mobileapp #marketing https://www.techbooky.com/marketing-strate…-for-mobile-apps/ Click To Tweet


App Store Optimization is the basic way to make the target audience feel more appealing. If your app’s App Store or Play Store list looks great with all of the main elements such as screenshots, keyword details and standard feedback or ratings, the app’s popularity would be automatically higher than other niche Let us explain below the key assets for ASO to app developers and marketers.

Keywords: You will need to have a good idea about the most searchable and important keywords in your niche to ensure an impressive exposure of the App Store and to have consistent search results for your intended audience.  This includes a detailed analysis of keywords.

Visual Assets: You can start with an app icon to catch attention and be easy in look when designing the visual assets for App Store presence. Provide visually pleasing photos and screenshots in order to give the product an overview. You can also offer an informative short video about what your application is doing.

Ratings and Feedback: You must use reviews and ratings to verify your marketing message and statements. A number of favourable reviews describing what app advantages and the 4-5-star ratings will attract many users.


Social networking is an effective means of sensitising and expanding the audience. People use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms to see and appreciate their friends, families and fellow employees. If you get people to talk about your app, they’ll spread their words to social media and create new customers for you.


Many users who prefer using Google rather than in the app store to solve a particular issue. You may miss your smartphone, but it’s a great solution for you.

You may target certain people through content marketing. And by the way you can increase your scope and the number of your followers by sharing your content in social media. Content marketing also promotes the efforts in social media.

What you have to do here:

  • Build a website to present your company, your services and in particular your app.
  • Blog up. Create a blog.
  • Build content suitable for your audience. Write insightful articles to describe the concerns of users and illustrate why and how your software is the solution.
  • Remember to add links to your product pages in the App Store or Google Play Store, not to add signs to the app store.


Many websites and blogs regularly publish new apps information and constantly search for new information. If you have a great and innovative app, some of them are prepared to post a review.

Follow these tips when reaching blog proprietors to be considered for an article:

  • Make writing articles on the basis of the information you give easily for bloggers and journalists. Provide as much information as possible on your app. Introduce the details, particularly the unique features. Name the target audience and the issues solved by your app. Include technical information, the languages available and all other relevant information for the reader. It is useful, for writers to get first impressions and to give more detailed information in running texts, that they provide a short list of the bullet points.
  • Share social evidence, including user reviews, coverage of media and awards that your applications win, if your app already is live.
  • Give your, your organic and business information. Talk about your storey, vision, culture of your business, etc.
  • Add visual materials (or links to) that bloggers can put on their website, such as screenshots or videos.
  • Give your contact information (e-mail addresses or telephone numbers) to contact and ask further questions about your application. Include your website, your social media and your product pages on your app stores.


Last but not least, the strength of successful search engine optimisation can never be forgotten. People are also using hashtags and search engines to find out more about the submission. Using good SEO practises, people will get to it quickly if they attempt to find this stuff. This is true of the app store and general search engines such as Google.

You can also use SEO to support your marketing activities. Nice SEO on posts, photographs, metabolism, tags and other IDs help to noticeable and easily recognise both you and your app.



The five application marketing techniques I discussed in this article are a great beginning to develop your user base. They are successful, and they require little financial engagement. You’ll need to devote time and energy to master them though. I suggest that you do not rush into them all at once. Start with the most optimistic strategy: ASO. Then set up your social media profiles, set up a simple website and start marketing content.

Be patient anyway. No matter which technique you concentrate on, the effect won’t be instantly apparent. Wait a few weeks or even months before they see the first performance.


About Author

Prachi Vaidya is working as a digital marketing Executive and technical writer at DxMinds Technologies Inc, leading mobile app development companies in Sydney. She is a content strategist and written on various technology topics to build massive publicity. She loves spending his time reading books, writing stories, and watching movies.

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