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Microsoft Has Launched An AI Business School To Help Companies Make AI Decisions


Microsoft yesterday launched its AI Business School, a progression of contextual analyses and free instructional recordings made to help businesses plan and effectively execute an AI methodology inside their association. The Microsoft AI Business School is conceived out of three years of discussions with clients which they say led to the launch of an AI school for engineers and AI School originally presented a year ago.

The AI Business School somehow follows the lead of comparative instructional aides, for example, the AI Transformation Playbook from Andrew Ng.

At Microsoft’s AI Business school, course substance will focus on four areas; responsible use of AI, culture, strategy and elementary technology. Also, courses will incorporate instruments for things like assessing a business’ AI development level to comprehend what’s required to effectively execute AI.

Microsoft vice president of AI marketing and productization Mitra Azizirad told VentureBeat that “There’s been a ton of conversations about AI and the transformation that so many jobs will experience in the technical world or [for] office employees or even frontline workers, but you really don’t hear as much outside of enterprises and organizations about the kind of transformation that is really required. AI Business School was born with this goal of helping business leaders drive AI transformation in their [company], but also to redefine their role as leaders.”

The launch of the AI business school comes a week after a survey of business leaders in the United States and Europe by Microsoft. The review asked these leaders when they intend to execute AI and investment in motivating employees among others. The overwhelming answer to the survey by these leaders was not surprising as a majority of them said employee motivation comes first and then AI execution comes second even though it scored high in the survey as well.

This is comes as employees across the developed economies are constantly jittery about computers taking over their jobs now or in the near future.

To address this need, the AI Business School encourages organizations to commend “cross-sectional cooperation” and ensure workers in each layer of their company feel enabled to talk up about ways AI can be utilized in their very own employments and not how it can take it from them. It’s something CFO Amy Hood came to realize when AI was brought into her organization’s money division according to VentureBeat.

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