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Microsoft Brings Solitaire For “Free” To iOS And Android Users Today


Microsoft is bringing it popular game Windows game Solitaire to iOS and Android users for free today.  The game has run for 26 years on Windows and now in line with Microsoft’s vision of being cross platform, it is now bringing the popular game to iOS and Android just in time for the holiday season. Developed in 1989 by then Microsoft intern Wes Cherry for Windows 3 which launched in 1990, Solitaire has been played by about 120 million people who have played the game on Windows 8 and 10 alone. Indeed it’s a popular game and like the Super Mario which was announced to be coming to iOS soon, Microsoft wants to be a big player in the mobile gaming world too.

The Solitaire Collection (Pyramid. Spider, Freecell among others) is what’s coming to mobile users for free and like many free stuff there’s a catch. It would most likely come with ads but there’s a way out. A Premium Edition without ads goes for $1.99/800 Naira per month and it comes with double coin rewards for daily challenges and game boosts.

Here’s a link to the Solitaire games on iOS and Android.

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