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Microsoft Predicts 1 billion Windows 10 Devices In Three Years


Following a low appreciation of the Windows 8 by consumers, Windows chief Terry Myerson has said he expects to see the new Windows 10 run on 1 billion devices in 3 years. This is bold considering reports that put Windows 8 figures at about 200 million. With improved features like the new Microsoft Edge browser, this figure may be achievable but I guess we’ll be watching. Ericsson had predicted over 5 years ago that there will be about 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Since the purchase of Nokia’s smartphone (Lumia) brand last year, Microsoft has seen an increase in sales and installation of its Windows operating system on more devices.

The Lumia brand has seen a surge in sales in Africa and Nigeria in particular especially with the introduction of the dual-SIM feature which is very attractive in countries where it is a normal thing to own two phones and apparently two SIM cards.

Another feature that may have contributed to this “bold” prediction is that Microsoft now feels it has made life a bit easier for developers by unveiling tools that make integrating codes written for other platforms like iOS, Android simpler.

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