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Microsoft Teams Integrates With PowerPoint To Bolster Its Tweaked Presenter Mode


The wake of the 2020 pandemic resulted in a significant shift towards socializing online, avoiding physical contact. Microsoft Teams that allows group chat and video calls, was quite responsive with its services in the wake of the virus outbreak — they developed an interesting effect that makes video calls more lively.

Microsoft Teams’ new presenter modes is a filtered effect that allows users to customize how they want to appear during live presentation via its Teams platform. According to Microsoft, they added three new modes while two are reserved as an upcoming effect to feature in Teams.

The “Reporter” option is the flagship effect among the three upcoming modes — this effect portrays the image of a typical reporter with a visual aid (contents displaying above the user’s shoulder). For contrast, during a live group video chat, a user can appear as a regular news anchor in a TV show while other users can choose other available options.

Other modes developed by Microsoft include Standout mode and Side-by-side mode. The Standout mode displays floating contents above active users which are closely related to the silhouette effect that focuses on the main course of action. While the Side-by-side mode simultaneously displays the contents, the user is presenting and the live video chat.

Microsoft Teams intends to release the Standout mode in March while the other two indulge in suspense that makes its video meetings upgrade more interesting. Side-by-side and Reporter modes are reportedly reserved as upcoming features.

According to the general manager of Microsoft Teams, Nicole Herskowitz, these new upgrades by Microsoft Teams are intended to bolster its services that host engaging video meetings during a live session.

“The way I look at it now, is we need to make presentations more like TV shows,” Nicole noted that the upgrades were influenced by the feedback they received since the pandemic. “We have to find ways to make those digital experiences more powerful.”

Microsoft Teams’ new visual effects are closely related to its previous flagship “Together Mode” — this technology enhances the graphic effect that removes all the objects in the background while the user is active.

The 2020 pandemic influenced the development of Together Mode whereby replacing participants’ backgrounds with preferable graphic effects. However, the Together Mode is still the significant feature Microsoft has tweaked Teams.

Just as Microsoft announced its latest presenter modes on Teams, the software company also launched a fusion of PowerPoint Live to feature in Microsoft Teams on Tuesday.

According to the feedback Nicole referenced, the integration of both PowerPoint and Teams is to promote the simple accessibility to its user interface. The integration is designed to make both meeting participants and presenters easily present their projects sliding with PowerPoint.

While presenting, notes and slides will also display on the screen in a single view, as-well-as the meeting chat. While a user is presenting, other participants can also access the slides for better contrast of subject-topic.

Social app experts familiar with Microsoft’s new tweak, believe Microsoft Teams’ user-base will experience growth influenced by their upgrades. The presenter mode is a perfect solution for users with learning disabilities — this enhances the chance to bolster learning at preferred user timing.

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