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10 Best Mobile App Ideas For The Startups In 2020


The mobile app startups point out what your product is offering. There are high chances to get profit if your mobile app idea is what the market is looking for. So, what are some of the fantastic mobile app ideas that you can use as a beginner? This is a very common question that every business minded person will ask themselves. It is one of the main obstacles you need to overcome. 


Here are unique cool best mobile app ideas for startups in 2020.

  1. Criminal alert apps

There are several cases of burglary, shootings, rape, which has become daily routine across the world. You need to make the world a safe place to dwell in. on that, we recommend crime alert apps that can inform users of the presence of unregistered offenders on the premises. Markedly, this app has begun going effective in some parts of New York. It is, however, not saturated in the market, and there is a need to enlighten people to remain on the safer side.

Many people will prefer to know dangers in advance, especially people with criminal records. This app will help deliver all that and prevent any harm that they might cause.

  1. Telemedicine app

The app offers you a one-stop platform where you can find doctors and patients. During the Covid19 period, this facility came in handy. It will help you book an appointment with your doctor, access their profile, and choose the services you want. Besides that, you get their prescription online and make payments. All you will do is get to a nearby chemist to buy the prescribed drugs. The integration of this app with a pharmacy makes everything so easy for the patient. 

  1. Location tracking app

This app helps you to know the location of your loved ones. If you turn on the Bluetooth of your device, it is possible to trace their contact within a specific range if they have a similar app enabled in their devices. The app has several services that are essential inclusive of location sharing, services integration, and in-app messaging.

  1. eLearning app

This is not new since eLearning platforms have been in existence for years now. During the COVID-19 times, the app has attained its massive usage and earned popularity more than before. If you are a startup wishing to deliver education online or a company that wishes to have their business online, this is the right place.

  1. Online dating app

Online dating apps are not a new thing as it has happened over the years. However, you can still carve a unique dating app online by analyzing those that are already in the market. You can do this by trying to make it more user-friendly. The COVID times have made the users get massive growth since people are bored. They have started using these apps much more than in the past as you find new people, who become friends, and you can continue talking with them via the app.

  1. Travel app

Travelling is there to stay and will never get old. Creating a mobile travel app is a great idea that will enhance your startup in 2020. Your app should show the users well-known destinations that they can visit.

The app should provide its users with the expense travel tracker that will allow them to calculate the estimated traveling expenses to their ideal places.

  1. Language learning app

When using a mobile app to learn a new language, it becomes more interesting. This is because you will keep practicing at every chance you get everywhere. The app will have all the basics to teach you the language from scratch. Besides, it needs to have a clear pronunciation of words.

Apart from that, the app should suggest the commonly used words in a particular language and what they mean. It will make the learner understand the new language with ease.

  1. Health fitness app

In the contemporary world, people have become conscious of health. The challenge lies in keeping a regular healthy routine. It results from the busy schedules in their lives. Create an app that will leverage this challenge and help users to track their daily patterns. The health fitness app will offer the user different practices that you can follow to remain healthy. It includes physical sessions to stay fit, lifestyle, and meal intake timings, and portions as well.

  1. Grocery app

Everyone goes out to shop for our groceries. Perhaps weekly or once every month. At this time, there is a likelihood to forget one or two items that you would love to buy. With the grocery app, it will help you streamline your experience of shopping the grocery.

The app offers the user with stuff they ought to buy, as you had added the items to the cart within the month. It helps you schedule the date to shop and where to pick all your products. Since their already an existing grocery app, you need to come up with a unique one with improved features.

  1. Cooking assistant app

Many people take cooking as a hobby since they love doing it. These people are always out there trying and experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. Create an app that will provide them with instructions to cook different recipes as much as they can. But, you will need to make an app that borrows a leaf from existing successful apps in the likes of the big oven.



Mobile apps are one of the many vital solutions that the past decade offered us. There are several people using smartphones today. This has made it easy to have a flourishing online industry. Therefore, investing in the same is a good deal. If you are an entrepreneur and you wish to have a profitable venture, then you need to pick the above mobile app ideas as they will help you achieve your goals.


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Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at NamanModi.com, He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

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