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Why Are Mobile Applications Important to Humanity And Why Mobile App Development Companies Should Be Supported?


Let’s face it — mobile phones are no longer just used for telecommunications. These smartphones gave a new spin to the service sector with the invention of mobile applications (or mobile apps).

The progress of mobile technology, easy portability, communicative interface, and access to high-speed internet gave rise to a whole new level of new and innovative experience in mobile computing. And, all these have led to the development of mobile applications.

Mobile applications have made many things possible, which was previously unimaginable. For instance, some apps can monitor your heart rate by simply scanning your finger on the app. You can imagine the hard work that goes into developing a fantastic app so that users can have an enjoyable experience.

The popularity of mobile apps has spread across different industries, and the services that a mobile app provides are plenty. No wonder the mobile app development companies have already exceeded the billion-dollar mark. And, it’s only expected to grow in the future. 

Contribution of Mobile Apps Towards Humanity

Mobile apps help establish brand value for any business domain. However, its endless support especially aimed at human endeavor, can’t be ignored.

To mention a few, it helps create job opportunities, enhances children’s learning experience, and provides healthcare support. Let’s talk about them in detail to know how.

i. Positive Impact on Economic Development

According to the survey conducted by GSMA, the ‘app economy’ has created more than 10 million jobs, and contributed at least $336 billion to public funding in the United States alone.

The creation of the ‘app economy’ has proven to be a significant boon for the economy at large. As early as 2012, there were around 500,000 jobs created as a result of the mobile app economy.

Mobile apps are one of the greatest modern inventions, and it is only expected to grow. That means many app development companies will still get established. User interface designers, programmers, tech marketers, and support staff can rejoice as all of these positions are impacted by the growing use of apps.

ii. Contribution to the Healthcare Sector

According to a stat, 93% of physicians believe that healthcare apps can help improve patient’s health, and 80% of doctors use mobile technology to deliver patient care.

Clearly, healthcare apps have become a boon for doctors, nurses, and even patients in many ways. Gone are the days when you had to wait in long queues outside the hall and be desperate to get inside the doctor’s chamber. The patients receive the most benefits as it can easily schedule a quick appointment with the doctor using the health app. Or, it can help find a specialist with hands-on experience. Not only that, but the patients can also view their test reports online and purchase medicines and other products at affordable prices.

As for doctors, the apps help to update them about the health condition of their patients. It enables them to view all your reports through the app, making it easy for them to make a quick and apt decision, especially during emergency cases. Besides, many apps recommend a customized approach for treating each of the patients.

What’s more, healthcare apps are developed using a smart technology called artificial intelligence. Such apps allow patients to monitor their health on a personal level. They are designed to measure the blood sugar level, monitor heart rate, and more.

In fact, there are mobile apps that serve as fitness trackers. It can monitor your general health, such as how long you have slept or the number of steps you have walked today. It helps to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

iii. Provision of Educational Support

Mobile apps have equally contributed to the education sector. Did you know that 87% of university students rely on apps to study? And this number is constantly growing. It has done an excellent thing for the students, making the learning process fun and easy.

For instance, we all know how much students despise Science. However, this app named Science 360 provides an audio-visual medium to help students easily memorize their lesson and make it interesting for them. Watching videos and listening to audio files allows students to understand the concept better than textbooks.

Besides, the development of educational apps has made it possible for a smartphone user to do any course at any time without any boundaries. An example is Duolingo that enables users to learn different languages with ease.

Mobile apps have penetrated all disciplines or areas of study. An example is a dictionary app that contains the meaning of all medical terms, compiled alphabetically for your convenience. Similarly, there is a dictionary app for law students as well. 

Apart from that, there are mobile apps like ‘TeacherKit,’ which enables the teacher to keep track of their student’s academic performance and grade records. Furthermore, these apps also allow for easy collaboration between teachers, students, and parents, making communication easy.

Final Thoughts

There are mobile apps for every walk of life. And these apps have made our life tremendously easy on a daily basis.

Therefore, the industry of mobile app development needs to be supported so that it can continue to make our life more convenient and satisfactory to live.

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