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5 Essential Features Of A Mobile e-Commerce App


The advances in e-commerce are very significant to the lives of many people today. With e-commerce, it’s now more convenient to sell and buy products online with just a few clicks on a smartphone. Thus, it’s not surprising that e-commerce is one of the industries that rake in the biggest revenue in this time and age.

The success of e-commerce goes hand-in-hand with technological developments. Since mobile apps are among the innovations that allow users to sell and purchase products over the internet with convenience, it’s a requirement if you want to make your e-commerce business a success.

The needs of online shoppers should be on your mind when developing a mobile application for your e-commerce business. So, without further ado, here are the essential features of a mobile e-commerce app.

Location Tracker

Location tracking is a must-have feature of an online shopping app. When your mobile app has it, it will be easier for your customers to locate your nearest physical store. It will also be convenient on your part to find the location of a customer when you need to deliver your products.

According to a study, 53% of respondents who regularly shop online are willing to share their locations on such mobile applications. So, it’s a must to include a location tracker in your mobile e-commerce app.

Push Notifications

Ensure that you always keep in touch with your customers. One way to achieve this goal is to send push notifications to them through your mobile application. Sending push notifications about product/service updates, discounts, or anything about your e-commerce business is important for your success.

A majority of people who use online shopping apps find push notifications useful. So, don’t forget to have this feature when developing an app for your online store.

Efficient Product Search Engine

Online shoppers want a mobile application that makes it easier for them to search for the stuff they need to buy. In such a case, your mobile e-commerce app should have a simple and efficient product search engine.

When users of your mobile application enter a keyword on the search bar, your app should provide them with relevant results. This feature is proven to increase sales and conversion rates. Giants in the e-commerce industry like Amazon believe that an efficient product search engine is among the factors that drive their success.

If you’re an online shopper, surely you also want this feature in an online shopping app. But before that, you need an internet connection to search for products/services online. You should send top-up credits to your smartphone for that purpose.

Versatile Payment Options

Having versatile payment options is another factor that can help your online store retain and attract more customers. Online shoppers are looking for a mobile e-commerce app that incorporates different payment methods to make their purchases more convenient.

You should have money wire transfers, credit cards, and debit cards as your payment gateways. You also want to include mobile wallets, such as Samsung Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.

Social Media Integration

Social media holds a significant influence on the behaviour of consumers today. That’s why your e-commerce business must have a page on every social media platform. You should also integrate your social media pages with your online shopping app so that your customers are constantly updated whether they are on social media or on your app.

Social media integration also allows you to engage with online shoppers. So, don’t forget to add your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube feeds to your online shopping application.


The mobile application for your e-commerce business should have features that are useful for your customers. Keep in mind that having features like push notifications and location tracker can help your e-commerce business retain customers, increase sales, and boost conversion rates.

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