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Here’s How Mobile Technologies Are Improving Patient Care


The advent of mobile technology has literally transformed almost every industry we know. These changes have been possible due to the proper communication channel established between the users. In fact, it also comes as a boon in terms of accessing information for the consumer and the provider. Mobile technology in healthcare is currently taking a giant leap and making the service even better from various aspects.

As per the statistical information, over 85% of the population in the USA owns a smart phone. Now, imagine how efficient the healthcare industry will become if this mobile technology can be used to make a brilliant platform to make a better communication channel. A survey also suggests that 52% of the users gather more information regarding a particular health issue using the phones. The mobile health services have achieved a humongous level of $26 Billion by the end of 2017. The figures will double it within a few years as the convenience will be noted more by both the parties. In fact, the first world countries, the doctors and other medical professionals prefer mobile devices to access files and use medical applications. The Mobile App Helps Healthcare in many ways. The infusion of the mobile technology in patient-care will bring the specific benefits mentioned below.

Specific improvements in patient care through mobile technology

  • Coordination in the point of care

A patient in a good healthcare platform is attended by several medical professionals. It means that a single patient will need the assistance and service from a number of professionals at a time.

The requirement of healthcare platform will increase over time as the majority of the population is entering the senior age. The crises will be felt within a few years as the gap between the number of patients and medical professionals will increase. Needless to mention, the third world countries will suffer the most due to the lack of proper healthcare and patient care resources.

This is where the mobile technology will come as a boon. The devices used by the doctors and other patient care professionals will be interconnected so that many patients can be coordinated within a limited time span. Accessing files, generating electronic health record, prescribing next medications, etc will become a lot easier and more coordinated.

  • Excellent flow of data

The patient care will become more systematic as information will become easier to access. The present and new guidelines will be easier to find and implement during patient care. It means that a common platform will be developed in this aspect where the data flow will be marvelous. Due to this effective data storage, data sharing and analyzing system, the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem will be solved and made more convenient for the trained professionals.

  • Patient management

The time has come where the healthcare providers can have their own platform for the service professionals. These platforms can be easily developed by hiring a Mobile App Development Company. The efficient platform will be used to monitor and taking care of a patient in the most significant way. Previously, it was not possible to find out the actual effects of medicine prescribed. Now, the administration of a therapeutic substance can be easily monitored and better consultation can be provided depending on the outcomes.

The patients can now be easily monitored by the nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals using the mobile technological advancements. The patients will be able to receive instant consultation and care without any delay. In fact, it will also become a lot more convenient where the family members can be made aware of certain conditions of the patients so that a better stage to take care of the ailing person is developed. The mobile technology will be used to create a dynamic platform for the guidance of the patients and the peers in the family too.

  • Efficiency of the healthcare platform

Before the technology came into the picture, every patient has to visit the medical platform repeatedly for sudden checkups, procuring medicines or to seek another consultation. The repeated visit to the hospitals becomes a huge task for the limited number of professionals to distribute their time and take good care of the existing patient in a hospital. This is where the efficiency of the healthcare platform will increase considerably.

A huge number of patients can be tackled and handled using the smart phone technologies and health-monitoring devices connected to a network. The unnecessary visits will be reduced to a minimum and the patients in critical conditions will receive better care from the professionals.

The bigger brands are now aiming to Develop App with Top Mobile App Development Company and make a brilliant high-functioning digital platform to impart better patient care. The doctors can only spend 27% of their duty time for patient care. This number will increase considerably and will transform the patient care industry properly.

  • Monitoring devices

The biggest challenge has been removed by the introduction of mobile apps and monitoring devices. The mobile apps can now easily check the health conditions as they can be easily connected with the wearable monitoring devices.

  • Reducing time and saving resources

Considering the specific changes that mobile technology can bring, it can be easily understood how a healthcare foundation can save both time and money. It means that the cost of patient care will also reduce considerably. The healthcare facilities will become more affordable than before.

For an instance, the implementation of telemedicine will bring a huge change too. The patient will be able to receive suggestions and advice from the doctors and other medical professionals via the smart devices as the professionals will be able to access the recent files and statistics via their devices. There is no need to haul a vehicle and visit a healthcare facility.

Final words

The healthcare providers are now choosing to hire Mobile App developers so that they can reach out to the patients in a better way. The patient care is going to be revolutionized in the upcoming years by using the innovations in the mobile technology. 


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