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10 Advantages Of Using the Mobile Version Over the Desktop Version Of Websites


Some years back, you could only find a website on a desktop. But with the invention of smartphones, there was a need to create responsive websites to mobile. Website optimization services are useful when creating mobile-friendly websites. However, this does not mean you do away with the desktop version. What you need is a responsive website that would convert to mobile and desktop versions. 

There are several advantages to using either of the versions. However, we will look at the edges of the mobile version. You will be convinced to optimize your site for the performance after understanding the benefits that await you on the other side. 


People find it easier to use their mobile phones to browse through the website. You can use the phone to check something for one minute while in the office. Also, people prefer browsing through mobile since there are fewer adverts. You do not need adblockers to stop the pop-ups. Also, the words are well spaced out, and the reader can skim through content faster. 

Since everyone is using a mobile, you will get an extra 40% of the site visit than using the desktop version alone. 


Mobile version websites have a fantastic load speed. Readers do not experience downtime as the site loads. It ensures that you capture the attention of the reader faster than a desktop version could do. 

When you have a responsive website, it increases the load speed to both versions. Thus, you have an extra reason to optimize your site for mobile. 


A mobile phone is a basic need. Your potential client will carry it everywhere. Thus, it means they access your website from everywhere. When you have a responsive website, it makes your content portable. Mobile users will use your website from wherever they are. Web optimization services have ensured that information gets to clients with ease. It would be best if you have a mobile website version if you do not have one.

Easy to Share Content

Mobile content is easy to share. Many are built with a share button at the top and bottom of the page. Since the mobile website does not have spam adverts, the user might read to the end. Most of the mobile sites have some social media buttons. But if your site lacks none, the user’s mobile phone has the inbuilt feature to allow them to share the content. It places you to a competitive advantage since you will reach out to more readers. 

The social shares give you more credibility- it means people trust your content. And thus, they can trust your products and services. There will be social signals that will create an impact on your SEO.

Increases User Experience

Website users rate their experience based on the points above. They enjoy using mobile versions since they are easy to access from anywhere. Readers have minimal time on their hands. Thus, when they are reading, they wish to have uninterrupted time. They get that on the mobile version compared to the desktop version.

Increases the Average Time on Site

As stated above, mobile versions load faster. They are thus capturing the attention of the reader. Then the ads on mobile are controlled. There is no chance a mobile version will have spamming ads. Thus a user enjoys a smoother browsing experience. Therefore, they spend a long time on your suite as they browse through pages. Please take advantage of this to interlink our content to maximize the average time on site. As you know, it sends positive signals to google bots.

Improves on The Overall SEO

Web optimization services ensure that a site ranks higher on SEO. Some of the points to improve web optimization services include the issues named above. Site speed is among the top reasons to earn a higher rank on google. Also, the average time on site increases the SEO ranking. 

Increases Conversion Rates

Mobile users are great buyers. Several mobile users use mobile shopping apps to buy products and services. Thus, if you need to increase your sales by more than 100%, convert it into a mobile version. A research was conducted that shows that mobile conversion rates are 64% ahead of the desktop version. 

Have Simpler Web Analytics

The best way to have a website is to have both mobile and desktop versions. But it is easier if you had a responsive website. That means you will have one website that works both on mobile and desktop. It is easier to view web analytics for a single website than two websites. 

On the other hand, it is easier to have analytics for mobile websites. First, it has a limited number of ads; thus, they will not appear in the analysis. 

You, Will, be Ahead of Your Competitors

One way to beat your opponents is to reach more readers. As you have seen, the mobile version places you at an advantage. It has a great user experience who, in turn, share with their social circles. Thus, you get a broader target audience. 


One way to use web optimization services effectively is to have a mobile version website. It increases the rate of conversion. You also get to reach a more extensive reader base. Regular readers are the future customer.


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