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Mozilla Announces Discontinued Support For Flash


Mozilla is about ending support for something that many we users are used to. It announced in a blog post that it would end support Flash powered web pages that are not essential to users from this August. The essence they say is to load web pages faster and reduce the rate of site crashes.

From 2017, In 2017, “Firefox will require click-to-activate approval from users before a website activates the Flash plugin for any content. Websites that currently use Flash or Silverlight for video or games should plan on adopting HTML technologies as soon as possible. Firefox currently supports encrypted video playback using Adobe Primetime and Google Widevine as alternatives to plugin video. We continue to work closely with Adobe to deliver the best possible Flash experience for our users. Our engineering partnership has led to improvements in high-DPI support on Windows, enhanced sandboxing, and an accelerated Flash rendering pipeline that improves performance and stability.”

Some advertisers who rely on Flash would eventually be hit as well as support phases out eventually. Mozilla is motivated to do this obviously because it has worked for the likes of Facebook and Google whose platforms according to Mozilla have experienced a reduced rate of crashes since they replaced it with HTML.

Web speed and efficiency have become an area browsers are looking into even as other tech companies like Microsoft and Apple have all replaced Flash with HTML based technologies.

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